What are the Young Adults?

“Young Adults” doesn’t always feel like the right term for this diverse group of “young” adults.  We range from age 20-40, with a majority in their late 20s and early 30s.  Unlike other churches, we don’t try separate people based on age, stage, and affinity.  Singles mix with marrieds.  Late 30s hang with the early 20s.  PhD candidates fellowship with those who work part-time.  Young adults transition to being young families.  Some of us prefer the morning services and deepen cross-generational friendships.  Some of us prefer the evening service and deepen friendships with our own.  Some just moved to midtown and started worshiping last week.  Others came to NAPC ten+ years ago as college students or recent graduates.

This tapestry of young adults is beautiful and ever changing.  What unites us is Jesus, who knits us together, while honoring our peculiar colors.  In response, we strive to honor one another's idiosyncrasies, to be with one another in ups and downs of the life.  We prefer the both, and approach—the “young adults” are both young and adults, both similar and quite different, both stand out as their own pattern and are interwoven within the greater life of North Avenue. 

We define young adults as those who consider themselves young, so if you consider yourself young, even if your peers might not, then you are welcome to join! The information for our small groups and fellowship events comes through our weekly Young Adult E-News.  If you would like to be added to this weekly email, please contact Emily Curtin. Or even better, introduce yourself in person!