Next Steps in Transition


Hello NAPC Family,

We are entering exciting times here at NAPC. As we say our goodbyes to Dr. Weimer, we go with heavy hearts and excitement for what the Lord has next for us at NAPC. We are writing you from the newly composed Interim Pastor Nominating Committee (IPNC). We want to let you know what to expect in the coming months. The entire committee: Samantha Hodgkins, Marc Pilgrim, and Neale Hightower, want to let you know that we have prayerfully taken on the duties of the IPNC and want to invite you to join us in prayer as we embark on our search for the new Interim Pastor.

We would like to first explain why we are choosing an interim pastor and not a new Senior pastor at this time. Through the wisdom of the years, the Presbytery has developed a wonderful guide for churches who are transitioning from Senior Pastor to Senior Pastor. What is clear about that transition time is that all churches need a time to mourn, heal, and eventually celebrate. The Interim Pastor is uniquely chosen to help maintain the focus, energy and cohesion we have while preparing the way for the New Senior Pastor. An Interim Pastor has the experience and specific skills to help a church through that transition time. They will help us to continue the vision and mission of the church while shepherding the leadership, staff, and congregation through the time of transition.

Over the next few months, in anticipation of Scott’s departure, the IPNC will be identifying our unique needs at NAPC, identify candidates who have the experience and skills to fulfill those needs while representing our entire congregation. During this time, we will be asking for your help. We understand you all have great interest and love for NAPC and we want to hear from you. We will be letting you know when and how you can offer those comments to us. In addition to asking for your comments, we will be giving you periodic updates in the church newsletter and weekly bulletin.

Our work will be done by this summer when we will say our final goodbyes to Dr. Weimer and welcome our new Interim Pastor. The task laid before the IPNC is great and we know that it will take time to find the right candidate to be our Interim Pastor. During this time, we ask you to pray alongside us and be ready to offer your comments when the time comes. We know we cannot do this by ourselves, we are relying on God, your prayers, and your input. With us working together NAPC will continue to SHINE on this corner, in Atlanta and the world.

We humbly thank you for your prayers and support.

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What does the Interim Pastor Nominating Committee do?

  • The IPNC is charged with defining the roles, responsibilities, experience and skills that the Interim Pastor would need to possess to best serve NAPC.

  • Maintain open lines of communication with the Presbytery, NAPC Leadership and Staff and the congregation regarding the progress.

  • Identify and interview experienced candidates.

  • Present candidates to the Presbytery for acceptance.

  • Present selected candidates to the Session and congregation.

What Groups are involved in this process?

  • Session

    • Session is the governing body of the Church and is composed of Elders from NAPC.

  • IPNC

    • IPNC is made up of the individuals (Samantha Hodgkins, Marc Pilgrim, and Neale Hightower) who were nominated and approved by Session to spearhead the search for an Interim Pastor.

  • Presbytery

    • The Presbytery has selected a team to work with the IPNC, providing guidance and support through this process.

What can you do?

  • Stay Connected

    • IPNC values your opinion and will be announcing ways for you to communicate your heart regarding the search for our Interim Pastor.

  • Continue to offer affirmations and encouragement to Session, Staff, and the Presbytery during this time of transition.

  • Join us in prayer for:

    • North Avenue leaders in Session and Staff

    • The IPNC and the yet to be selected Pastor Nominating Committee

    • Scott and the Weimer Family

    • The future Interim Pastor

    • The future Senior Pastor

  • Express gratitude and questions

  • Continue to serve

What is an Interim Pastor and what will they do?

  • An Interim Pastor will be a primary preaching voice between Dr. Weimer’s departure and the calling of a new Senior Pastor.

  • An Interim Pastor plays a vital role role in helping NAPC navigate this period of change.

  • An Interim Pastor will continue the vision and mission of NAPC.

  • An Interim Pastor will work with leadership, staff, and the congregation to maintain focus, energy, and cohesion.

  • An Interim Pastor will be the moderator of Session.

What is happening now?

  • We are working hard on to identify what NAPC needs in an Interim Pastor and identifying candidates that have the range of experience and skill set to fulfill those needs.

  • We are planning a time to hear from you, the entire NAPC family, regarding our new Interim Pastor.