February 9-11, 2018 at Unicoi State Park

Come experience freedom in love with other women of NAPC on the 2018 Women’s Retreat, “Taboo: Lift the Burden.” Through a series of interactive panels of speakers, we will hear women tell their stories of loss, mental illness, prejudice and struggle—eavesdropping on intimate conversations that give insight into how to walk through hard times with one another and how to endure them when we encounter them ourselves.

Come be part of lifting the shame, the secrecy, the isolation and the burden off of one another as we talk about topics we all experience but rarely discuss openly.  Listen in as women share their stories of what really is helpful to say to a friend when she’s just lost a loved one.  Hear the story of how mental illness and addiction often isolates us from the only supportive relationships we have.  Listen in on the hard truths of racism our sisters have experienced.  

Through it all, leave encouraged—you’re not alone in your experience; be equipped—our sisters’ honest insights will better equip you for meaningful friendship; discover joy—in Christ and in community, you are not alone. Even in the darkest experiences there is light in the fellowship of Christian sisters. 

Unicoi State Park
1788 GA-356, Helen, GA 30545