Every year North Avenue takes a few weeks to focus our teaching on stewardship, our management of the resources God has given to each of us. Scripture tells us that God put humans over all his creation (Genesis 1:26), but that all creation ultimately belongs to God (Psalm 24:1). Since everything we have truly belongs to God, when we give, we are reflecting his generosity to us. By giving away some of our money or time, we acknowledge God’s lordship over all things. Our giving is also a response of praise to God’s goodness­—in gratitude for all that God has given to us, we then give some of that back to His church. As we contribute to a larger good, we join in God’s work of redemption and reconciliation in the world.

Traditionally, North Avenue has had one stewardship season in the fall which focused on supporting our ministry budget and then another focused on our mission budget alongside the annual mission conference in the beginning of the year. Each season involved pledging an estimate of giving for the year. These pledges allow us to better plan the programs and ministries and missions of the church. Pledging also gives you the opportunity to pray and thoughtfully consider how you want to contribute financially to the ministries of NAPC.

We have combined the ministry and mission pledging into a single place.  On one pledge card you are able to estimate your giving to the programs, ministries, and mission of the church.


Our Relationship with God 

Giving a tithe to the NAPC general ministry fund can be a way you respond to God. In the Old Testament, the people of God are instructed to give one-tenth of their income (called a tithe) to support the priests and needy. This concept of a tithe has been a traditional guide in church history for giving. In the Bible, giving is almost always framed as a joyful response to God—so if you feel like giving more, give it cheerfully! If you don’t currently give, we encourage you to start where you can and see how God uses your gifts for good. We suggest you consider your giving toward the general ministry fund to be your tithe. This supports all of the programs and ministries at NAPC, from your Sunday experience, to the teaching of our children, to young adult retreats, to women’s Bible studies. While missions giving is separate, mission efforts are undergirded by the general ministry fund. Without the building, staff, and ministries on-site, none of our mission efforts could happen.


Our Relationship with Others

Giving to NAPC Missions supports our efforts to meet the spiritual and physical needs of others. For more than 50 years, North Avenue has followed the call of Jesus Christ to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations. From just a handful of mission partners in 1957 (the year of our first mission conference) to the 42 ministries that we partner with today, NAPC has brought the good news of Jesus Christ in both word and deed to people living on the other side of the world and to those living down the street. We have been blessed to serve alongside some of the most passionate, loving, and generous people in the world. You can be a part of this spreading of the Good News by supporting the mission budget in 2017.

Through 2017, we will continue our current relationships and follow our strategic plan for missions. The three frontline initiatives that energize this plan are: Partnering with the Global Church, Engaging the City, and Befriending Internationals. Some of the ways we embrace these initiatives are supporting a seminary in Cairo, Egypt that is training young church leaders; leading a weekly Bible study for men experiencing homelessness in our community; supporting StreetGRACE to aid in the ending of human trafficking in Atlanta; engaging with refugees in our community; and welcoming and introducing the Bible and church to international scholars at local universities.


Our Relationship from Generation to Generation

As you consider how God is calling you to give financially to North Avenue Presbyterian Church, keep in mind that we are in the midst of our capital campaign which addresses our aging and rapidly deteriorating facilities. Just as generations before us responded to the call to create a church building that would be home to the future church family (us!), we now continue to support gifting future generations with facilities that support robust, engaging, meaningful, and transformative ministries.