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I am reminded of your sincere faith, a faith that lived first in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice and now, I am sure, lives in you. For this reason I remind you to rekindle the gift of God that is within you through the laying on of my hands; for God did not give us a spirit of cowardice, but rather a spirit of power and of love and of self-discipline.
— 2 Timothy 1:5-7

In 2 Timothy, Paul encourages young Timothy to continue to invest in the gift of faith that was planted in him by previous generations, his mother and grandmother. Not that Timothy’s gift is in immediate danger of dwindling out, rather, Paul suggests that Timothy continue to stoke the fire, keep it alive and roaring, and do so bravely because God grants us a spirit of power and love and self-discipline. Surely these qualities of power, love, and self-discipline are needed as we embark on such a major capital campaign, unlike any in North Avenue’s history. And, like Timothy, we have gifts that require steady attention. Our great location in the heart of the city and our historic and constant presence on Peachtree Street mean little if our ability to minister to one another and the community are stifled by our facilities. Let us rekindle our gifts, step out in faith, and continue to shine brightly from the corner of North Avenue and Peachtree Street. Just as generations before us responded to the call to create a church building that would be home to the future church family—us—it is now our turn to consider how we can gift future generations with facilities that support robust, engaging, and meaningful ministries. Indeed, the end result of this effort is not a transformed building, but transformed lives. Re-imagining and breathing new life into our space is a piece of that, enabling us to do innovative and relevant ministry that we simply cannot do now. Join your light with others, both those who have gone before us and those who now are supporting this capital campaign and living into NAPC’s core value of extravagant generosity. You can be a part of reaching the next generation for Jesus, extending radical hospitality, and creating 21st century worship, and together we will shine brightly to the glory of God, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. -Dr. Scott Weimer, Senior Pastor


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The Next Generation

North Avenue reaches the next generation through worship and hospitality, but no more so than through our children and youth ministries. The number of children and youth at NAPC has more than doubled in the last five years, yet this vibrant ministry has to struggle in tired, dated space that remains virtually unchanged for over 50 years.

Imagine instead, a bright, exciting space for our preschool and elementary children accessible through a single, well lit, welcoming point of entry for preschool and elementary families. No more foreboding entries requiring parents, with children in tow, to weave between cars driving in a dark, active driveway. This new entry point will allow parents to leave their children in one secure welcome center, stay and visit with other parents in a friendly environment or easily proceed to adult ministries via a convenient elevator or a light-filled stairway. For the first time, children will have wonderful assembly space, fun new interior play space, updated bathrooms, and classrooms that can be altered to fit the class size. Picture also inviting and engaging new space for our youth and their friends adjacent to the lower parking level. With its own entrance and identity, our youth will no longer have to wander though our church, taking an elevator and stairs to space hidden on the fifth floor. We love our children, believe they are important to the vitality of our church and to the future of the next generation who will carry the hope of the Gospel.

Let’s give our children and youth the space to grow their faith.

21st Century Worship

The beauty of our historic sanctuary with its Tiffany windows is ingrained in the identity of our church and in memories of the most special times in our lives. Yet the vitality of this space is diminished by deferred maintenance and antiquated systems. Our small, inflexible chancel does not easily adapt to various worship styles and other uses required by modern, engaged churches.

Imagine a sanctuary with repaired plaster, new paint and carpet, fresh lighting, and restored Tiffany windows. Envision an enlarged chancel easily reconfigured for contemporary worship, traditional worship, weddings, orchestral functions, drama, dance, lectures and music recitals. Visualize the area behind the chancel reconfigured for efficient, orderly worship support and picture a small, beautifully appointed, uniquely designed Prayer Room.

Let’s make our sanctuary reflect that Worship, regardless of form, is the center of our church.

Radical Hospitality

North Avenue is a warm, welcoming congregation – vibrant and alive – but hidden behind a fortress of granite walls. Why miss opportunities to invite others into the life of our church because our buildings say “closed.”

Imagine instead a central, welcoming, highly visible entry on Peachtree Street easily accessible from the street, and clearly marked at both levels of parking, enabling visitors to locate easily the sanctuary, administrative offices, a new brides/parlor room and hospitality rooms. Picture a transparent pavilion with large expanses of glass that allows us to see our community and more importantly allows our community to see us. No longer will our church life be like a candle hidden under a basket. Much more than an entry and welcoming space, the new Hospitality Hall will be beautiful, exciting space for formal gatherings of worship, music, weddings and funerals when a venue more intimate than our sanctuary is desired— or wonderful space for informal gathering of friends sharing coffee and conversation.

Our church is alive seven days a week hosting both church members and the community at large with approximately 300 events annually ranging from fewer than a dozen in attendance to more than 400. These hospitality events, both informal and formal, utilize a wide range of formats from meeting space, to lecture, standing receptions and full service banquets. Frequently several events occur at the same time.

Imagine new light-filled, architecturally interesting space, the Overlook Hall, that will consolidate our current small, scattered, and dark hospitality spaces and will literally overlook Peachtree Street through the Hospitality Hall. The Overlook Hall will be reached easily via wide gracious steps from the Sanctuary and the Hospitality Hall or by a new elevator that will reach all levels of the church and the parking deck. Together with new, enlarged restrooms, additional storage space, and a cleaned and re-ordered kitchen, the Overlook Hall allows our church to graciously extend hospitality to four or 400 in settings that can be modified from a living room to classrooms, meeting rooms, reception/banquet spaces of various sizes.

Let’s build new space that reflects Scripture’s high priority for hospitality!