PNC Process Questions and Answers

How long will the PNC process take? – It is not unusual for the process to take two years.

Why does the process take so long? – Before a PNC can begin considering candidates for Senior Pastor, they must first attend to work outlined by our Presbyterian Polity that expresses who we are – from our demographics to our theological calling.  The survey you completed earlier this summer will be an excellent resource for this work. The PNC will further work to identify the heart and calling of North Avenue through conversations they have as a committee as well as through potential conversations with members of the congregation and staff.  The PNC’s first task is to paint an honest and forward-looking picture of who we are and who God is calling us to be in order to establish a foundational reference point for those whom God may be calling to serve in ministry here.

The process can also take a long time because few pastors with whom the PNC builds a relationship are not immediately able to leave their current place of ministry in order to begin at NAPC.  We may need to wait for someone to come to a natural point of transition in his or her church before transitioning to NAPC.

Will we get updates from the PNC regarding their progress and the candidates they are considering? – No, the PNC process is 100% confidential.  Most potential Senior Pastor candidates are actively serving a church, and, if they are not selected by NAPC, they will stay in their current pastorate.  If you are hearing rumors about the search, I hope you will communicate this concern with the Chair of the PNC.

What guidance has the PNC been given? - Near the beginning of their journey, the PNC will meet with representatives from the Presbytery to explain the process. The PNC will also meet with the NAPC Transition Team to receive the results of the Congregational Survey and Study and other information.  The Transition Team will be available to assist the PNC in obtaining any information they may need during the search process.

How can the congregation stay involved? – The most important thing we all can do is pray. We can also continue to be actively involved in the life and ministry of NAPC. If you have input on the type of person you desire for NAPC or if you know about a pastor who should receive consideration, please communicate your thoughts to a PNC member. Please trust, though, that the PNC will also be taking into consideration the results of the survey which directly convey the input received from “Having Your Say.”