The Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) is elected by the NAPC Congregation and has the responsibility for nominating a candidate for election as NAPC’s next senior pastor. The PNC will make a broad search for that person who they believe is best suited to become NAPC’s next senior pastor.

The PNC shall be representative of the best of the NAPC Congregation. Accordingly, the team shall be comprised of men and women from different age groups, ethnicities, and backgrounds to reflect the diversity of the Congregation. The team shall include officers and non-officers.

While the PNC will be made up of members with different perspectives, it will be one body in the sense that all members shall demonstrate spiritual maturity, a servant’s spirit, commitment to the guidance of the Essential Tenets (see button below) that NAPC follows, and participation in and commitment to the long-term future of NAPC.

The size of the PNC will be 7 members. If a person for any reason resigns from the PNC after being elected by the Congregation, they will not be replaced.

The process of selecting members of the PNC includes solicitation of recommendations from the Congregation using the PNC Recommendation Form, review of those forms, compilation of a report of those considered to be ideal candidates, and approval by the NAPC Session. The Congregation will receive information about the proposed slate and will vote to approve at an announced Congregational Meeting.

Expectations of members of the PNC include active participation in (weekly) committee meetings, completion of assigned tasks, and likely a year or longer of teamwork. The PNC will be involved in reviewing confidential information, assessing suitability of pastors according to the needs of NAPC, visiting other churches, reviewing audio and/or video recordings of sermons, interviewing prospective pastors, and communicating with the Congregation.

Thank you for sharing your prayerful, valuable suggestions.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” - Philippians 4:6