Gratitude & Anticipation

Dear Friends,

As we begin this new year of 2019, I have asked the Lord to give me two words to share with you. The first word is for what has happened among us in 2018 - that word is Gratitude. 

What God has inspired us to accomplish for the coming kingdom of heaven is nothing short of incredible. We completed the Shine Building Project, and our newly renovated facilities are already filled with people, who are fully living into our vision “To know Jesus and make Him known” and into our mission “Worship, Grow, Go!” The greatest growth among us in this past year may be in our deepening friendships in Christ among our members, friends, and guests. These friendships are blessed by God and are increasingly characterized by joy, mutual encouragement, prayer, and acts of kindness. Such enlivening fellowship among us is a beautiful thing to witness. The Scriptures say as much “They will know we are Christians by our love.”  

My heart is overflowing with gratitude to God and with gratitude for each of you, the members and friends of NAPC, for your outstanding effort, prayers, and gifts of time, talent, and treasure over the last year to make all the above possible. Quite simply, you are an Amazing Congregation! Just how amazing are you? You are so amazing that within the last few weeks and days of 2018, your generous outpouring of financial gifts to the Ministry and Mission of the church has put us within reach of our goal of ending the year with revenue exceeding expenses.  The business office has a few outstanding bills from 2018 that will be coming due within a few weeks before we have the final numbers, but Roger Young, Executive Director of Finance and Operations, tells me that the finances look very favorable!

With regard to the year in front of us, the second word I want to share with you for 2019 is Anticipation. So many of the words of Advent and Christmas were words of anticipation of what God is doing and will do - the promises of the prophets are being fulfilled; the Messiah will be born; with the coming of Jesus Christ into the world, the Angels shout out to the world - Be Not Afraid! The favor of God is upon you! You will receive the gifts of Hope, Peace, Joy, and Light - Nothing can extinguish that light!

Each of the above promises are for you, for me, for God’s people forever. The Holy Spirit is stirring within us to stay strong, stay focused, stay prayerful, and be filled with Anticipation of what God will do among us in 2019! 

Cynthia joins me in the sharing of both of these words - Gratitude and Anticipation

With much love in Christ,

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