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Adult Discipleship

One of North Avenue’s core values is transformational faith development which suggests that each person continues to grow holistically in knowledge and faith throughout their lifespan. 

Sunday School

As our space is limited during construction, we have combined Sunday School classes. Join us for the Foundations Series at 10 a.m. in the Gym on the fourth floor. We welcome NAPC staff, officers, and congregation members, as well as special guests, to teach us. 

Upcoming Schedule for Foundations Series

This year marks 500 years since Martin Luther, a German Augustinian monk and professor of theology, published his 95 Theses. The Theses protested elements of Catholic doctrine and a number of specific practices such as the selling of indulgences. The publication quickly spread throughout Europe and launched a religious revolution, changing millions of Christians’ understanding of their relationship to God and ultimately leading to a break from the Catholic Church.  We'll be focusing on the Reformation in the Foundations Series during the month of October.

  • OCT 8 - The Protestant Reformation: Why It Happened and Who Should Care? with Dr. Richard Burnett.  Dr. Burnett, an ordained Presbyterian pastor, served as Professor of Systematic Theology at Erskine Theological Seminary for 14 years and became the executive director and managing editor of Theology Matters in 2016.

  • OCT 15 & 29 - We welcome Dr. Tim Hartman, Assistant Professor of Theology at Columbia Theological Seminary.   Dr. Hartman’s research interests include contemporary Christian theologies worldwide, Christology, Lived Theology (the interrelationship between religious beliefs and practices), and the work of Kwame Bediako and Karl Barth. 

  • OCT 22 - We welcome Dr. Mark Douglas, Professor of Christian Ethics and Director of MDiv Program at Columbia Theological Seminary. Dr. Douglas’s wide-ranging interests include: ethics in neo-orthodox theologies, medical and business ethics, the American philosophical tradition of pragmatism, and the role of religion in political philosophy. He is currently researching and writing on the intersection of environmental issues and conflict studies. 

Additional sunday school opportunities

The Young Families Class for families with young children meets on Sunday mornings at 10 the Bank of America Building Lobby. This group meets for Bible study and to share in life together in this season of life. Contact Ben Allward-Theimer to connect with this class.


Chinese Scholars are invited to join an ESL Preparations Class at 10 a.m. in Room 316. We preview the elements and vocabulary of the 11 a.m. worship service. Chinese children are invited to learn the English Bible with the Children’s ministry, currently located in the Broyles Ministry Center.  Children also may attend a professional ESL children’s class with Judy Billings at 11 a.m. in Room 316.  

Small Groups

North Avenue has small groups that gather all over the metro-Atlanta area, meeting throughout the week. Some groups gather based on location, affinity, or age & stage. Find the right group for you by contacting Kim Goldsmith.