NAPC Youth Austria Mission Trip

This summer, from July 12-24, we have an incredible opportunity to be on a team of 14 people who go on a student mission trip to Linz, Austria. The purpose of our trip is to visit the House of Hope, a ministry that welcomes refugees from all over the world (and currently has a large middle-eastern population). We will have an opportunity to serve refugees there by fulfilling some of their basic needs, offering them hope through the gospel and helping them to become integrated into society. We will be exposed to a culture of connection in a world full of exclusion and racism. 

We have been preparing for this trip for several years. To be eligible, as middle schoolers, we first had to spend a week working with our church’s local mission partners, learning who our neighbors are around the city.

As high school students, we were then eligible to go on a mission trip to Jamaica. For the Jamaica trip, we participated in team-building exercises, fundraising, book studies and cross-cultural studies. During the trip, we spent time with residents of a nursing home, socializing with them and later taking them on an exercise trip to our pool. We also spent time with school children, reading with them and leading them through Vacation Bible Study. We performed manual labor jobs and visited families on behalf of the ministry we were representing. We learned to listen to the needs of those around us and to adapt to new settings.

Having completed those two mission experiences, we are now eligible to go on the Linz, Austria trip. We chose Linz because of the mission partners we have there, Werner and Lisa Schobesberger, and the work that they do. Our church is multi-cultural, and we have a deep love for all of God’s people. Werner and Lisa help demonstrate this love daily through their work at House of Hope. House of Hope visits refugees where they live, develops friendships and shares the gospel in word and deed. They help with practical needs like food (through the delivery of bread every Friday), furniture, clothing, and German lessons, as well as by answering questions related to the Bible and Jesus. They host discipleship training, game and tea afternoons, and workshops where the refugees can use their hands and gifts to create art, a life-affirming means of self-expression for them since they are not allowed to work. We will have the opportunity to assist with each of these activities. House of Hope will not suspend any of their regular activities, but will instead incorporate us into them. We will travel to where the refugees live and listen to some of their stories. We will kick around balls with them and share how Jesus has been active in our lives. We will also welcome their stories of how He has been active in some of their lives. We will see their art, their lives, their strength and their love. We will see the value these refugees have, and we will be transformed. We will also spend a free morning visiting the Mauthausen Concentration Camp and Holocaust Memorial Museum.

We feel privileged to see and be a part of what God is doing through the House of Hope, and we want to be available for whatever He has in store for us!  Our ultimate desire is that each and every person meets Jesus face to face and experiences His incredible love and grace.  (Join us as we dream big!!) Thank you for your prayers. 

The Austria Team

  • Jenny Barnes
  • Kate Buxton
  • Jenna Goodman
  • Emma Hanson
  • Isabella Kershner
  • Eva Kretsinger-Walters
  • Clara McKay
  • Grace Pietkiewicz
  • Anna Crumbliss
  • Jessica Dart
  • Peter Karanja
  • Helen Keller
  • Joelynn McKay
  • Dan Riggs