Whether you are new to North Avenue, a longtime member, or somewhere in between, it is our deep desire in Women’s Ministry at NAPC to know you! If you are feeling the need for fellowship, support or encouragement, Bible study or prayer, or would like an opportunity to serve the Lord with others, we’d love to walk alongside you as the body of Christ. As a still growing ministry, we know that many women are looking for a place to belong. We hope these invitations to ministry groups will help you find that place!

Contact Rev. Megan Johnson at megan@napc.org to get connected to the Women’s Ministry at North Avenue.

Watch videos of Thursday Morning Bible Study here


Gospel of Luke

Wednesday Evening Bible Study

All women are invited to meet for Bible study Wednesdays, at 7:00 p.m. in the BMC.  Here you can relax and throw away your “weekly worries” by listening and learning about Jesus. Megan Johnson’s exceptional and relevant Bible teaching nurtures a deeper understanding of Jesus’ love for each of us.  Our time spent together as sisters in Christ is filled with discussion and prayer; it is always a blessing…and one that YOU should experience! Please join us any time and every time!

Thursday Morning Bible Study

NAPC women, neighbors, and friends are welcomed at the Bible study meeting on Thursdays in the BMC, 9:30 a.m. As in the Wednesday evening group, Megan Johnson is leading us in a study of the book of Isaiah with teaching that is bold, funny, disarmingly honest, and full of extraordinary Biblical knowledge. We call Megan our “gardener of the Word of God.” There is also time for prayer, personal stories, and small groups, which bring us together in friendship and deepening growth in Christ.  The entire time is REAL and is filled with love, laughter, and JESUS! COME AND SEE!

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Watch videos from our previous weekly study, Isaiah by selecting the image above.

Eve Rediscovered: Uncovering our God-given Identity
This event encouraged women to rediscover what it means to be a woman of God, how their life roles intersect with God’s unique purposes for women in their churches, relationships, and communities, and how to live out these truths.

Check out the recorded talk from Mazi Robinson by selecting the image above.

Presbyterian Women

In 1898 the women of North Avenue Presbyterian Church came together to form a Circle for under-girding the new congregation with prayer and service. For over 100 years the women of North Avenue have been a vital part of the church’s witness and ministry.  Today Presbyterian Women has three circles: Circles 1 and 2 meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 10:30 a.m. or Bible study, prayer, and service projects such as providing birthday parties monthly at the Atlanta Day Shelter for Women and Children.  Each circle is led by an experienced Bible teacher.  Inductive Bible study /Circle 3 meets bi-monthly and is self-led.  Lunch follows each meeting. Visitors and new members are welcome!

For information, please contact Barbara Rodriguez, 678-395-6804, or Carolyn Christ, 404-843-8634, carolyngchrist@aol.com



The Lydia Fellowship

Camaraderie for women at the intersection of competing identities is the purpose of the Lydia Fellowship. As women made in the image of God, how do we reflect God’s beautiful creative work in our own work as professionals, mothers, wives, friends, and all in love and service to the Lord? We don’t have all the answers but we do know that encouraging one another along the way makes the path easier to navigate. We meet periodically, so watch for updates.

For more information, please contact Christy Eickhoff, 404-350-7131 or ceikhoff@alston.com


Women’s Book Club

For several years, a group has gathered in a member’s home, usually on the last Friday night of the month, to discuss a book chosen for that month, to share refreshments, and to enjoy community. We read and discuss serious books, historical fiction, and light fiction, and occasionally attend a lecture or movie together. Participants are from all over the city. The group meets either in Decatur or NW Atlanta. All are welcome!

For information, please contact Dee Stannard at dianeps103@gmail.com.



Butterflies is a fellowship group for all women, talented or not. Our motto is “We just do nice things for North Avenue,the homebound, and Meals on Wheels.” We meet Wednesdays at 10:30, with lunch at 1:00. To reach our craft room, take the Ramp elevator, push 1, and turn right. All are welcome!

For information, please call Dottie Bobo at 770-926-2934.


Prayer Fellowship

Prayer Fellowship is a group of North Avenue women who get together once a month for fellowship, confidential sharing, and prayer. We meet first Wednesdays, (September through June, excluding December) from 10a.m. to noon, at Polly Bates’ house in Vinings. All are welcome!

For more information, please contact Polly Bates at 404-352-4237.

Mom’s Night Out

Being a mom isn’t easy, and no-one knows this better than another mom. At Mom’s Night Out we share a meal as well as our cares and concerns about every aspect of raising our children.  We meet in homes on the third Tuesday evening of every month throughout the year.  Moms of all ages are welcome.  (No children are invited, but nursing moms are welcome to bring their babies for everyone to hold!)

For more information, please contact Alison Robson Smith alisonrobson@mindspring.com





When women came together in 1898 to form a circle for the undergirding of the new congregation on the corner of North Avenue and Peachtree, it was the first gathering of what was to become a national organization, Women of the Church. Now known as Presbyterian Women, PW was for many years the only The women of North Avenue Presbyterian Church have been active for well over women’s group meeting at North Avenue.

PW remains vital and active today, but there are now a number of other women’s groups, meeting the needs of the varied ages and lifestyles of our women.  In addition to Presbyterian Women, these include: Bible Studies on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning taught by Megan Johnson; Prayer Fellowship; Women’s Book Club; Butterflies; a Mom’s Supper Club; and the newly forming Lydia Fellowship for moms juggling family and careers. Most recently, almost 100 women gathered at Simpsonwood for a retreat based on Colossians …. and led by Megan Johnson.

To coordinate, plan, and support these ministries, as well as to pray and dream about new ones, a recently formed Women’s Ministry Team has been commissioned by the Session. Among the goals adopted by the team at their first meeting in January is the plan to reach every woman at North Avenue with some aspect of women’s ministry, helping them find a place to grow and to serve.