Worship is a vital part of our faith journey together. In fact, passionate worship is one of North Avenue’s core values. Our times of gathered worship are single-purposed in glorifying and praising our wonderful Savior. We hope that with worship that is heartfelt and unhindered, people can powerfully and personally connect to God. We try to lead consistently authentic worship that leads to encounters with God that result in radical life change.

In light of the diversity of God’s creation, North Avenue worships God on Sunday with three different styles of praise every Sunday. We invite you to try all three services and see how God speaks to you!


North Avenue now offers a loop system. Hearing aid wearers with a “T” (telecoil) setting can now hear the service broadcast directly through their hearing aids—making spoken word much clearer and easier to hear. Others desiring hearing assistance may check out a portable receiver and headset from an usher.


Join us at an informal service with a praise band & contemporary music in our century-old sanctuary.

Although the sermon and the scriptures are same as the 11 a.m. traditional service, this early-morning service has a very different feel to it. The service begins with a time of praise and worship led by the Worship Band which can range from acoustic to more modern instrumentation accompanying vocals. After the welcome and greeting, the congregation reads the scripture together from a projected screen and the preacher delivers the sermon. Following the sermon, the congregation shares requests and prays for each other’s burdens and joys. Praying for one another has deepened our sense of community and connects us to each other and to God. We’d love to have you join us for worship this Sunday!

* Listen to previous sermons

* Find out about joining the Worship Band



Join us at a traditional service with liturgy, familiar hymns, and music led by the Chancel Choir and organ in our century-old sanctuary.

If you like a formal liturgy, traditional hymns, and classical music, you will appreciate the beauty of this service. True to the tradition of the Presbyterian Church, the service centers on the reading of the scriptures and the preaching of God’s word. Communion is served the first Sunday of each quarter. The Chancel Choir leads the music weekly. Often singing pieces that Melinda Clark, our Director of Music & the Arts and organist, has arranged or composed, the Choir helps us see God in fresh new ways each Sunday. Frequently the Cherub Choir, Junior Choir, and Bell Choir participate as well.

* Listen live on Sunday mornings from 11a.m.-12p.m. (Atlanta Radio 970 or 1400 AM)

* Find out about being a part of the music ministry at North Avenue



Join us for acoustic worship in a relaxed & reflective setting

Come as you are to this service! Largely populated by college students and young adults (but open to anyone who might like it!), this service is a relaxed, comfortable setting with acoustic music. We take communion every Sunday and often enjoy community together following the service. We meet at 5:45 p.m. in our Sanctuary.

* Volunteer to take part in worship leadership (reading, set up, greeting) by contacting Jeff at jeff@napc.org

* Find out about joining the Worship Band


HEALING SERVICE [Third Sunday of the Month]

The Healing Service is for those who need physical, spiritual, or emotional healing in their lives as well as those who act as intercessors for others in need of healing. We meet on the third Sunday of each month at 12:15 p.m. in the Prayer Room adjacent to the left front side of the Sanctuary. Anyone is welcome to come, to pray, or to be prayed for during the service.


Sunday School

Every Sunday between 10 and 11 a.m., classes meet around North Avenue’s campus to learn more about who Jesus is, an essential part of growth as Christ followers. Discipleship at North Avenue is not so much about conveying information as it is about transformation—through solid, skilled teaching of scripture, and constant immersion in applied Biblical principles made understandable and practical. Most classes have a limited amount of lecture time and focus instead on discussion. We’re all in this together! Check out a list of our classes here.


Sundays for Kids

North Avenue wants to be a place that your kids love to be a part of! With vibrant children and youth ministries, there are so many opportunities for your kids to connect to God, you, and other kids! We encourage families to worship together on Sundays, but also have special time designated for teaching geared to your child’s age from 10-11 a.m. every week. Infant-pre-K meet in the BIG Adventure Preschool Department on the Second Floor; kindergarten-fifth grade meet in the GREAT NORTH Elementary Department located on the Second Floor, and Youth (sixth grade-graduating high school seniors) meet in the Youth Area located on the Fifth Floor. If you need help locating any of these areas next time you visit North Avenue, just ask! Anyone with an “ASK ME” name-tag will be able to help!

Read about other opportunities to introduce your child to the living God while at North Avenue here.


  • Sunday FAQs

    How do I get to North Avenue?
    We’re located in Midtown Atlanta at the corner of North Avenue and historic Peachtree Street, just one block south of the Fox Theater. Get directions here.

    Isn’t parking in Midtown scary? (Fear not!)
    While parking can be scary in Midtown, North Avenue has a parking deck on site, so parking on Sundays is easy! Find more information about parking here.

    I liked today’s sermon. How do I go deeper?
    We encourage everyone at North Avenue to be engaged in worship, growth, and going activities (tied to our mission statement). Adult Christian education classes are a great way to grow both in your walk with Jesus and with other people. Every Sunday, the United Class looks at that morning’s scripture (so if you attend the 9 a.m. worship service it’s a chance to prepare; if you attend the 11 a.m. worship service, it’s a chance to go deeper). The United Class meets every Sunday at 10 a.m. in Room 301 on the Third Floor.

    I liked today’s sermon. Can I get a copy?
    You can listen to sermons or subscribe to the NAPC podcast here; or order a $5 CD of the sermon by contacting Bridgett Stewart and bridgett@napc.org.

    Where do I get a name-tag?
    Wearing name-tags helps us get to know each other, and we want to get to know you! Sign up for a name-tag in the Welcome Center in the Third Floor. The following Sunday, a name-tag will be waiting for you there.

    Where can I learn more about North Avenue?
    Learn more about North Avenue’s vision, mission, and core values here.