The Next Step Career Transition Group is a networking and training resource for individuals experiencing unemployment, underemployment, or a desire to pursue a new career path. The goal for members of our community is to take “the next step forward,” each day, toward their career goals.

The primary tool we use to empower individuals facing the challenges of career transition is The Next Step Career Resource Manual. Written and designed by Eric Garvanne, the manual has three main sections:

 1) Spiritual Transition

 2) Personal Transition

 3) Professional Transition

The Next Step Career Resource Manual provides spiritual counsel, goal-setting and personal accountability advice, job search techniques, and career resources. A downloadable version of the manual is available free through this website (link below).

In addition, you can visit our website at and follow us on Twitter @nextstepctg.

For more information about The Next Step Career Transition Group, or if you want to request Eric Garvanne to come and speak or conduct a presentation to your group/organization, then you can contact him at